New Tech Roundup 1

I am starting a new series of posts called New Tech Roundup where I am compiling a list of all the cool tech that I have seen in the last week or so. This was actually a request by a few people who said they would appreciate it. This first edition is going to be a republishing of my older content that is stored in IPFS.

IPFS is essentially a shared filespace. I’m calling this new era of collective hosting “The Collective Cloud”.

The next item of interest is the Nim language. I found this guy while I was learning Rust. Nim (originally called Nimrod) is a pretty cool language that has a lot of modern features going for it. The main idea behind Nim is summed up on their website

Nim is the only language that leverages automated proof technology to perform a disjoint check for your parallel code. Working on disjoint data means no locking is required and yet data races are impossible

Next up is spacemacs. Think Vim + Emacs but instead of using a combination of control keys to get to where you want to go, you first enter the space button which triggers a menu system. This menu then lets you do literally thousands of things in about 3 button presses. For example to open up a Magit shell, you type <spc> g s. To delete a window you do <spc> w c. Commands are grouped by mnemonic e.g. ‘g’ is for git and ‘w’ is for window.

This next one is a fun little bonus and doesn’t have to do with software. It tells you how you can calculate the speed of light using only a microwave and some marshmallows.

Here are some links of other cool things I have found.

Convos Irc Client is an irc client that you host on a server and connect to via a web browser.
AI domain is a funny little domain I found.
Nubits is a digital currency that is marked pegged to 1 US dollar.
Mercury Exchange a decentralised bitcoin exchange.
ShapeShift automated altcoin exchange.

Stay tuned for some more posts in the future. This is all I could think of in this edition.

Photo Credit: Jordà, Geiger, Kaltenbrunner, Alonso / Music Technology Group


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